School of Blind - Special School

Early Intervention Centre for the visually challenged

  • It is commenced from 2010 November and approved by The state commissioner for the Differently Abled for the Visually Challenged.
  • We enroll the children from the age of zero to six.
  • Platform to prepare the children for basic education and daily living skills.
  • We have home based extension services to the parents to handle the children in their pre-school age.


Higher Secondary School for the Blind

• It is recognized by the state commissioner for the Differently abled as special Higher Secondary school for the Differently Abled (VI) Children.
• Well equipped with all special Aids for the visually impaired children
• The children are tutored by specially trained teachers. 
• There are 115 visually impaired children at our school.

• The school is having a good collection of Braille books. 
• There are thousands of Braille books in our library.

Awareness camp - Eye camp – Dental camp
• Once in three month awareness camp is conducted. Special troop of Doctors are invited to have periodical check-up and students are sent to corrective surgery if necessary.

• More than 150 students of our institution have got job & self employed. 
• 60 students are now studying higher studies & training in various institutions and colleges. 
We are proud to inform that our old student Honorable Mr. T.D. Charkaravarthi was appointed as a first visually challenged Judge in India June 2nd 2009.


Orientation and Mobility Training
Specially trained mobility instructor is teaching mobility skills. Apart from academic education we give physical education and orientation and mobility training to all the visually impaired children. By which the students gets training in independent travel skills. 


Community Based Rehabilitation Mission.

  • Organizing the community based rehabilitation program for disabled.
  • District Mental Health Programme is conducted in all the panchayats of Villupuram & Tiruvannamalai District.